calendula ssp.

calendula closeup

calendula blossoming in winter

beautiful hardy calendula, self seeding, but easily seed-saved if desired, pretty little highlights in the garden anytime of year in the pacific northwest.  in eric’s words “you pick it and it just keeps coming!”  my favorite way calendula lends itself is for burns- particularly “too tasty tea syndrome” aka. burnt tongue.  i put a few petals into tea to prevent this all-too-often syndrome on sleepy mornings when i forget that hot things are hot.  we also use the petals in salves for lighter skin burns (1st and 2nd degree) and overall healing of pains and surface wounds that have closed.

calendula is one of those classic medicinals to us, as common and wonderful a medicine as cinnamon is a spice.  in the garden she likes to grow with the strawberries, sedums, brassicas and rhubarb (far as we’ve seen).  she’s been honored by many cultures



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