A move, more salves, and crafty notions!

Hey all! Hope you’ve been enjoying the dry-ish winter of the Pacific Northwest this year. More rain on the way I hear!

To keep you updated, Eric and I have moved from Beloved Bellingham to the Little Applegate in Southern Oregon, near Ashland. It’s a very new ecosystem(s) for us, and we are learning to adjust as best we can. Working in the garden and sewing have been ramped up this season!

Before we moved, we were able to get in a fall harvest of devil’s club and balm of gilead and so, we have a huge fresh batch of Forest Salve available! Please check it out on our Etsy page for purchase.

Also, we’ve been doing a lot of carving in our toasty woodfired cabin, sometimes carving spoons from the white leaf manzanita for our upcoming wedding in June, and other times carving out double sided knitting needles, and trying out our hands on crochet hooks.  Keep an eye out on that Etsy page, and feel free to make special requests for certain sizes of needles.

See you all in the Spring!  Happy March!

love pi