Another great day at the market~

Hi y’all~  Thanks for checking out our blog!  

We had another beautiful day at the Bellingham Saturday Market.  It appears that word-of-mouth is spreading about our awesome Forest Salve made with Devil’s Club Cambium and Balm of Gilead; it’s the first time we’ve sold out of a salve at the market!

As Autumn begins to approach, we look forward to hanging out with the sleeping Oplopanax and playing in the wake of the bountiful wind storms under the Poplars.  We still have a few jars of this graciously powerful salve left; but once we’re out, we’re all going to have to wait for Autumn to lull the plants into dormancy so that we can begin the next batch of Forest Salve.

Thanks for the support!


P.S.  Also, forgot to mention that the marvelous Bellingham Alternative Library is carrying our salves as well at the Make.Shift Art Space!  Check it out: located at 306 N. Flora St.



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